Decluttering Tips

Declutter Your Home

Take a look at the following Silvertouch Cleaning tips for getting rid of clutter, so that you can make your house feel more like a home again.

1. Do a Sweep

But with your eyes rather than a broom. When trying to declutter room by room, it’s a good idea to take a quick visual inventory of what’s in the space you need to clean.

2. Ready Your Supplies

What is needed to declutter your home? Four things: Time, trash bags, storage solutions, and a box for any items you’ll be donating to charitable groups. Make sure you have all of these prepared before you start in on your cleaning and organization, so that you can get the job done right on the first attempt.

3. Work in Zones

If you don’t portion off areas of a room, you’re going to be less efficient and more easily distracted. When that happens, you’re more likely to become overwhelmed and decide you’d rather sit on the couch and binge two seasons of a show you don’t even like that much. Instead, section off each room.

4. Up the Fun Factor

There’s no rule that says cleaning out clutter has to be a miserable time. Invite a friend over to chat and lend a hand in exchange for helping him or her with their own organizing. You can also throw on your favorite podcast, playlist or audio book so you have some entertainment as you work.

5. Get Rid of Garbage

Are you ever going to send those postcards from your trip to Spain three years ago? Have you forgotten what the receipts in the kitchen drawer were for? Toss them in the recycling bin. Those appointment cards for the kids’ orthodontist appointments can be thrown away, too, after you enter the details in your phone or add them to the calendar in your family command center. The same goes for the business cards of networking contacts you’ve let pile up on the entryway table. Look around at stuff that has collected over the years on the floor ,do yo really need all this stuff there ,or maybe the family ought to have a day where everyone chips in and puts it in a storage place .

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