Kitchen Cleaning Tip

Routine Cabinet Cleaning

Like countertops, kitchen cabinets are made from a wide range of materials including laminate, wood, metal and glass. Many of them are painted, as well. Fortunately, incorporating kitchen cabinet cleaning into your daily housekeeping routine does not  require special instructions .I t just takes alot of hard work and effort to keep them looking good all the time.

If you live in Calimesa ,Redlands ,Beaumont,Loma linda or  all you need to keep your cabinets free of smudges and dust is hot water and a disposable cloth ,paper towel,and a really good soft cleaning rag.

Of course, if you have glass-front cabinets, you may want to wipe those down with some glass cleaner and a microfiber cloth when you see smudges this will keep them sparkling.

If you live in yucapia or Redlands and cook often, you’re no stranger to emitting a groan as you knock over a bottle of maple syrup or upend an open bag of rice. When this happens, you want to clean the spill immediately so that you don’t wind up reaching into a sticky mess or attracting insects and rodents.

There’s no need to clean the entire cabinet out, though.  You’ll thank yourself during your annual cabinet cleaning when you’re not chiseling petrified syrup off the cabinet walls.

Other than that, a bit of hot water should do the trick for daily kitchen cabinet cleaning.


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